Stem Cell FaceLift

Stem Cell Facelift technique

The FAMI procedure is the most advanced facial rejuvenation without surgery today. Also known as the stem cell facelift, this procedure ensures a natural facelift without resorting to the scalpel. The secret of its success lies in the regenerative properties of stem cells extracted from fat, essential ingredient for the miracle of rejuvenation. FAMI is the most advanced stem cell facelift.

The stem cell facelift (FAMI) is a procedure based on the facial graft, however, has nothing to do with traditional lipofilling or fat grafting. This technique uses the patient’s own fat tissue, previously mined from areas as the sides or belly, to rejuvenate the face. The extracted fat (containing adult stem cells) once centrifuged and carefully injected into the patient’s face, can ensure a natural facial rejuvenation. With single injections, the patient’s face progressively rejuvenates itself, without the need of surgery. This is why many know the FAMI technique as the stem cell facelift.

The FAMI procedure or stem cell facelift follows three steps: extraction of the fat from the patient, centrifuge process and treatment of the extracted tissue and facial injections. These three processes can only be carried out by a specialist with extensive experience and advanced knowledge of anatomy. Such is the case of Dr Roger Amar, FAMI‘s creator of 15 years, whom often receives visits from other medical professionals interested in learning the FAMI technique.

FAMI, also known as the stem cell facelift

The stem cell facelift benefits from the regenerative properties of stem cells from fat (adult stem cells), capable of repairing the damage time has caused in the face. These work from the root of aging, restoring the tissues, muscles, bones and fat that make up the face. Once the patient is subjected to the FAMI technique, the result is progressive. Within months, the results of stem cell facelift and will be apparent, especially natural.

Fat grafting and stem cells are the base of modern rejuvenation procedures, replacing facelifting. The FAMI technique is not a standard superficial fat injection. The stem cell facelift focuses on the specific selection and grafting of autologous adult stem cells, which reside in large quantities in our body’s own fatty tissue.

The stem cell facelift is an innovative approach to restoring some of the underlying defects that are responsible for the appearance of aging. It rejuvenates the face by implanting the patient’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells; thus, restoring the facial structure to a more youthful state.

15 years of Dr Amar’s stem cell facelift

The stem cell facelift (FAMI) appeared 15 years ago as the very first technique that used stem cells to make facial rejuvenation possible. Dr Roger Amar has been developing the stem cell facelift since 1997, using his deep and refined knowledge of the facial anatomy. His intense dedication to the process has led him to further develop his technique to provide great precision and fantastic, natural facial rejuvenation and reconstruction results. Now, FAMI, also known as the stem cell facelift, celebrates more than 15 years of extraordinary results.

stem cell facelift case

Stem cells 

There is no doubt that stem cells are the real name of modern medicine. Their properties have proven useful for a variety of diseases and treatments. In this context, no wonder that the world of Beauty has surrendered to the “magical powers” of stem cells. The non-surgical facelift with stem cells is currently one of the most demanded cosmetic procedures in the world.

Two decades ago, the surgical facelift was presented as the only option for those seeking a method to rejuvenate the face. However, as Dr. Amar has explained on various occasions, the traditional face lift beautifies, but it does not rejuvenate.That is why, for 15 years, the plastic surgeon worked towards a different facial rejuvenation technique without surgery taking advantage of the regenerative properties that the stem cells naturally hold in the patients fat. Hence why this procedure, called FAMI, is known also as the stem cell face lift.

The stem cell facelift

Dr. Amar rejects the surgical facelift when the objective pursued is facial rejuvenation, since the lifting surgery only corrects the wrapping of the face (with stretching of the skin) but does not restore the items below (bones, muscles, fat, …), whose deterioration is responsible for facial aging. Alternatively Dr. Amar proposes a stem cell face lift that repairs damaged elements inside of the faceby injecting rich fatty tissue with stem cells in the areas most affected by the passing years.

The regenerative properties of the stem cells extracted from fat make the restauration of bones, muscle and fat that make up the facial structure. These elements, over the passing of time, can wear, making aging visisble. The stem cell facelift, applying facial grafts, can nourish the damaged areas with a concentrate of stem cell taken from fat capabale of repairing the damaged caused by the aging of the facial structure. The outcome of the stem cell facelift is an all natural facial rejuvenation, as stem cells have been used to achieve this result.