Pinch Neck Lift

doctor-roger-amarOn the road leading up to our 40´s, time begins to work its magic, as the first to succumb to its effects is the face.  At that age, many people start to experience a gradual sagging in the skin. A process that, in later years; is expected to give way to the dreaded double chin. Although, to combat this issue, or even prevent it, we have the Neck Pinched Lift procedure at our disposal; microsurgery capable of returning the muscle that caused the loss of the skins natural tension.

As we age, the skin from lower part of our face beings to sag, causing an awful double chin, undoubtedly one of the few unsightly consequences of aging. Its appearance is a response to the loss of platysma muscle tension as it eventually retracts, along with the rest of the facial muscle structure, thanks to aging. Nevertheless, this is only the second part of the natural aging process, as the bone begins to erode obliterating the existing fat. The final consequence is a ‘domino effect’ causing deterioration in the bone structure, conjointly provoking sagging in the skin. Today, it is possible to combat this effect of aging.

Pinch Neck Lift

Dr Roger Amar practices a procedure known as the Neck Pinched Lift, a procedure holding no comparison to other surgeries such as the neck lift. The doctor’s extensive anatomical knowledge has allowed him to identify the retraction of the platysma muscle, responsible for the appearance of the double chin. A natural effect of aging Dr Amar corrected with a simple microsurgery.

The Pinch Neck Lift can be summarized in two simple steps:

Step one involves a small 2cm incision beneath the chin in order to access the platysma muscle. There, the surgeon proceeds by making an incision in the muscle, allowing it to expand, thus correcting, the retraction that causes the double chin.

On the other hand, Dr Amar cuts another  U-shaped incision (no more than 1cm) beneath the earlobe, where he stretches the platysma muscle to restore lost tension. Finally, yet only in necessary cases, the excess skin left sagging is removed.  In any case, Dr Amar assures no more than 1cm of skin will be removed.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. The patient can go home, fully recovered, the same day of the operation. The estimated procedure time is two hours. 90% of the problems that aging causes in middle of the neck can be solved with this simple operation (Pinch Neck Lift).