The non-surgical face lift

Non-surgical-face-liftThe popularity of the surgical face lift is experiencing a remarkable decrease in favor of the non-surgical face lift. Such as, procedures similar to the stem cell face lift, proving more natural results and preventing the patient from entering operation room. In this regard, FAMI is, at present, the most advanced non-surgical facelift.

This procedure, created by Dr. Roger Amar  approximately 15 years ago, owes its success to stem cells found in fat, which are responsible for rejuvenating the face. To make this possible, the FAMI -non-surgical facelift-  necessarily  conducts a little liposuction on the patient (in areas such as the flanks or abdomen) to remove fatty tissue (fat stem cells). The extracted fat then is centrifuged at high power and then grafted onto the patient’s face, so the stem cells from fat may act repairing the facial features damaged over time.

FAMI or the non-surgical face lift

The outcome of non-surgical face lift is a progressive, and especially natural facial rejuvenation, as is possible with the regenerative properties of stem cells from the patient;and not result of incisions in the operating room. Precisely for this reason, the non-surgical facelift, is less traumatic and heilds more natural results, proving why it is currently gaining ground over traditional face lift.