Lidia Santos and Daniel Rivero, have chosen the renowned Amar Clinic

Numerous of the most popular Miss Espana have held the crown of Miss Malaga since 1967, when Paquita Torres Pérez became Miss Europe. In 1974, Amparo Muñoz Quesada was first to obtain the crown of Miss Universe.

The beautiful actress Remedios Cervantes was Miss España 1986 and Spanish top model Elisabeth Reyes had been Miss Málaga and became Miss España 2006.

It seems like Amar Clinic in Marbella is the first choice of our “Miss Malaga” pageants for indulging in various beauty treatments in order to relax, while preparing for the stressful “Miss Espana” competition.

As her predecessor Belinda Gutierrez Miss Malaga 2010, Lidia Santos Miss Malaga 2011 and her homolog Mister Malaga 2011 Daniel Rivero, have chosen the renowned Amar Clinic in Marbella to keep their radiant skin at its best. Spa skin care is not just for women anymore.

These days more and more men are seeking out spa treatments. Amar Clinic wishes good luck
to our Miss and Mister Espana 2012 pageants.