Facial Rejuvenation

FAMI™ FAT GRAFTING - Fat Autograft Muscle Injection with stem cells from fat is the new
all natural technique for rejuvenation with no incisions.

Facial Rejuvenation

The FAMI technique, guaranteeing facial rejuvenation

The FAMI technique is a facial rejuvenation treatment based on the injection of concentrated adult stem cells retrieved from the own patients fat. The result is a natural facelift, thanks to the thanks to the regenerative properties of adult stem cells extracted from the patient’s autologous fat. 

The FAMI Technique is a cosmetic treatment aimed towards facial rejuvenation.

To do so, Dr. Amar injects a concentrate of adult stem cells taken from the adipose tissue. In 1997, the French surgeon became the first doctor who used adult stem cells to fight facial aging.  

Non surgical facial rejuvenation

The FAMI Technique, Dr. Roger Amar uses a set of 25 anatomical cannulas, designed by the surgeon himself.

The surgeon became the first specialist to directly inject autologous fat over the muscle, rather than into the superficial layers, as was the practice before FAMI.

This treatment aims at an all natural facelift without any artificial components, compared to other alternatives such as the traditional facelift or blepharoplasty, requiring the patient to go under the knife.

The results will increase as time passes. Two years later, for example, the patient looks younger than they did six months or a year after undergoing surgery.

This is the first treatment to present the guarantee of facial rejuvenation in an aging or damaged face.

Facial Repair

FAT GRAFTING WITH STEMCELLS for Repair and/or Reshaping

Fat grafting with stem cells using the FAMI procedure consists of autologous adult stemcells from fat injections in order to restore facial muscles and bone surfaces.

Stem cells fat grafting was pioneered by Dr Roger Amar in 1997 when he discovered the effect of the stemcells in the fat, years before the stem cell research had started.

The FAMI technique is a restorative surgery grafting stemcells from fat in order to reshape and reconstruct those structures and external parts of the face and body that can be deformed by congenital causes (such as cleft-lips), or as a result of scars, traumatisms, burns, accidents, tumors or operations.

FAMI for reconstruction is carefully analyzed and studied case-by-case to identify individual needs and to achieve maximum results. This surgery has proven to produce amazing results. Client testimonies are available upon request.

Stem cells for rejuvenation & Prevention

Stemcells rejuvenation benefits of fat grafting with FAMI provide much more natural and predictable results than conventional plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques with a scalpel, such as the classical face-lift. This technique has proven to be absolutely secure, showing very satisfactory and natural results with the rejuvenation of aged faces, erasing the wrinkles of the passage of time, and providing a younger looking and smoother skin.

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