Breast Augmentation: Achieve the chest you have always desired

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Amar Clinic is dedicated to all types of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Breast augmentation or mammoplasty, is one of the most common procedures performed in plastic surgery today. Factors such as age, fluctuation in body weight, pregnancy, genes, etc … can cause changes in the shape and size of breasts. With this procedure, women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts or have experienced changes in their appearance can ensure that they look fuller and shapelier, helping to increase or balance the size of the breast, regain their volume or form; after partial or total loss. Amar Clinic will assist you preparing for your surgery and future reviews. Who is recommended for surgery?

  • For women who still have a constant feeling that their breasts are too small for their body.
  • For those who have the problem that their clothes fit well around the hips but are too big in the bust.
  • Decreased breasts, loss of firmness after child birth or after dieting.
  • If you breasts are asymmetrical in size and / or shape.
  • If you have had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy and now you want us to reconstruct your breast.

Amar Clinic, can easily correct all these aspects with a simple surgical procedure. Depending on the technique used, the price of the intervention can vary between 3000 and 5500 €. Where are the breast implants placed? The patient must choose between three very different approaches: via areolar, vía submammary or vía an axillary route. Next, we will break down the pros and cons of each route. Breast augmentation techniques. Dr. Roger Amar uses a few different techniques.

breat Augmentation Technique

The routes of incision may be: Areolar, Submammary and Axillary.

Via areolar: The path most used in Spain. The surgeon makes a cut in the lower half of the perimeter of the areola through which the mammary prosthesis is introduced. The incision will result in some marking; however, the darker areola can mask the scar. In contrast, this method adversely affects the mammary gland and surrounding tissue, whose natural position hinders the positioning of the prosthesis and, therefore, becomes damaged during the operation. Dr. Roger Amar uses this technique very little, as the post-operative result is quite painful, as the prosthesis is placed behind the muscle through the areolar route, since it is necessary to cut the muscle. The long-term outcome (a few years) is not always satisfactory. Patients must constantly wear bras, due to the breast sagging experienced with this technique.

Via Submammary: Used in patients with an areola of less than two centimeters in diameter, for whom the sumammary operative route is not advised. It is also the most used in cases in which the prosthesis is large, because through submammary route the surgeon has more space to insert the implant. It is also indicated for women with ptosis (fallen chest). Among various disadvantages, this procedure hinders the aesthetic result. This operation presents evident scaring, revealed when the patient lies down.

Via axillary: The least used in Spain, as this technique is available only from the most experienced surgeons, however, this route presents satisfactory results at all levels. In this procedure, the doctor locates the prothesis below the muscle, guaranteeing a far more natural result. Favored for its aesthetic finish, the patient will experience no scaring in the breast. In contrast, in inexperienced hands, the result can be asymmetrical and even risk in temporary loss of arm mobility. Therefore, it is essential to resort to a surgeon specialized in this type of technique whom may guarantee the best results. This procedure only implies smooth and round prostheses. There are other ways in which to operate, such as through the navel, using prosthesis filled with saline, although today they are rare.

It is the technique that Dr. Roger Amar uses (80% of cases). It is especially suitable for women who have barely have a chest, long-term results are particularly natural and satisfying, even after birth and in mothers who breastfeed. Due to the Doctor’s extensive experience in this procedure, he has been able to offer great results in many patients; even 10 or 15 years after the placement of the prosthesis. Contact us by your means of preference. We are happy to address your questions and suggestions. +34 952 864 698