Non Surgical Face Lifting FAMI

Before the FAMI procedure

6 Months after FAMI

The patient regrets the premature aging of his face due to bone and muscle loss she has suffered over time.
The FAMI technique softened expression lines in the patient, returning the volume and depth to his face.

Before the FAMI procedure

6 Months after FAMI

With the premature aging of her face, the patient had lost a lot of facial volume and dealt with deep expression lines.
The FAMI procedure revitalized their image, bringing volume to the face, enhancing the cheekbones and softening expression marks.



Woman of 42 with signs of aging, wrinkles, asymmetries, baggy eyelids in a slightly gaunt face.
2 years after a full face FAMI with a new quality of skin and normal shapes enhanced by slight make up.

The patient at a young age used as a template for FAMI

Patient during her first consultation

Here is a youthful face with triangular shape and harmonious proportions
With age the face becomes more quadrangular with the loss of zygomato-malar prominence.

Patient in his youth

After the FAMI procedure

At just 30 years, the patient appeared to look young and full of vitality.
The FAMI technique has made it possible to recover an image very similar to that worn in her youth.